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St Mary’s Church
The organ did sterling service for many years until the 1980’s but when the regular organist, Mary Brader, could no longer play, it fell into disuse and gradually deteriorated. By the year 2000 the organ was unplayable.

In 2006 the PCC discovered that the cause of the serious damp problem affecting the organ chamber was water from the flat roof of the old boiler house (above); so this building was demolished at a cost of £3000. Having worked hard to raise this sum it was rather a setback to discover asbestos in the old boiler, which also had to be removed safely  before any demolition could start, adding a further £3500 to the costs!
News that there was to be a wedding in June 2009 motivated the PCC members to set a target of raising the money and having the organ restored by that date. Thanks to a successful Heritage Lottery Bid and other donations and fundraising events, this goal was accomplished within eight months and the organ was played in public for the first time at the June wedding. The organ was rededicated at a concert the following week and the first full recital was performed by Dr Francis Jackson in August 2009.

A programme of guest organists is ensuring that this beautiful instrument will continue to give pleasure to listeners, just as its makers intended all those years ago.
The story of the restoration work which was carried out in 2009 is told in the touchscreen interactive in the church. The tale is fascinating and is well worth a visit to the church where the sound-and-light tour narrated by famous BBC Radio presenter and Actor Nigel Forde will guide you round the church.