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St Mary’s Church
History 4.
History 2.
One of the distinctive features of this beautiful little church is the stained glass. The majority of the windows were supplied by Clayton and Bell of London. Street used this firm for the design and manufacture of windows in most of the churches that he built in East Yorkshire.

The creation window (right) is of outstanding quality and is based on a design which was used by Clayton and Bell for wall paintings which can still be seen in the church at Garton on the Wolds.  
The mediaeval art of making stained glass had been forgotten and was reinvented during the Victorian era. The windows can be considered works of art in their own right made by great artists. The standard of abstract design is exceptional and could be considered ahead of its time....  Sadly some of the painted details on the hands and faces have worn off, but the rich colours, particularly the red, yellow and purple, so distinctive of Clayton and Bell’s artistry, remain.  
Street’s eye for detail can be seen in the way the arches over the side windows fade into the splays.
Looking to the back of the church the most striking feature is the circular rose window.
Below it the triptych displays the names of local soldiers who fought in the Great War.